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There's Only One Baseball Milestone Zack Greinke Has His Eyes On. The 10/10 Club.

Zack Greinke's career is on the back nine, theres no doubt about it. He's had a fantastic career and done pretty much everything you can ask of a player. Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, All Star, Cy Young, ERA Title, the resume goes on and on. But one milestone he still has his eyes on? The prestigious 10/10 club. Greinke is sitting on 9 career homers and 9 career stolen bases.

All the guy wants to do before he hangs up the spikes is get one more of each, and honestly I hope he gets it. It'll be an uphill road for him, considering he's in the American League and this may be the last year we see pitchers hit when they play in NL ballparks, and that hurts. You know what a quirky and off the wall guy Greinke is, I truly believe him when he said this is the milestone he wants. Listen to him in that clip, he got thrown out going for the 10th steal because he wanted it too much. That is the attitude I want out of my guys. 

Forget a WS ring, forget 250 career wins, 10/10 is the finish line. Eyes on the prize. He's not getting any younger either, he's 37, a free agent after 2022, and entering his 18 season in 2021. Father Time and the MLB rules are going against Greinke. I really hope he can find a way to hit 1 more bomb and steal one more base. He hit 3 in 2019 and has his last stolen base in 2019 as well. Hell maybe put him in as a pinch runner in a game when you're up big? Get him a nice lead and let him fly? Other team would probably think its breaking some unwritten rule and bean Bregman or something, but it would be worth it to finally get that 10th stolen bag. 

You know what day I have circled on my calendar? 4/20. Know why? Because Houston is in Colorado that day and I need Greinke to start the game, it's the perfect storm for him. High altitude, high fans, long ball time. It lines up too perfect for him. The Astros have 10 road games vs the NL this year, by the grace of god I hope we get to see him start 2 or 3 of those just so he gets the chance for 10/10.