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Should Super Bowl Viewers Have Different Options When Watching the Big Game?

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on one of our coworkers to the show. Troopz, one of Barstool's newest hires and a big time soccer guy, joined the show to talk the popular sport, European soccer, Arsenal, and much more. Troopz also brought up an interesting question when talking on the pod: why can't we watch the Super Bowl on different channels? That was his assumption a couple of weeks ago:

Mr. Cat: When "Bend it Like Beckham" came out, is that when soccer exploded in England, too?

Troopz: No, it was... bro, are you deluded? The only thing that's not big in England is the fucking NFL, bro. 

Mr. Cat: England's big in the NFL.

Mr. Commenter: Have you seen the fans dressed up? 

Mr. Cat: Everyone's a Jaguars fan.

Mr. Commenter: They wear the face paint and shit.

Troopz: Yeah, for a day. 

Mr. Cat: I actually love that Troopz on Super Bowl Sunday was like, "What's the best channel to watch the Super Bowl on?" 

Troopz: Yeah, I don't know, bro. Men out there are like, "It's only on one channel." I'm like, "Brotha, do I watch fucking NFL, bro? What are you laughing at me for?"

Troopz has a point! It would be so awesome to have options when it comes to watching the biggest sporting event in America. Look at what ESPN does for the CFB National Championship Game. You have the traditional broadcast on the main channel, and then you can flip to different options with unique camera angles, the Coaches Room on another, the homer broadcast choice, etc. Could it be the future? Potentially. Think about what it could look like one day: A PMT-centered broadcast with Mr. Cat, Mr. Commenter, and I on the call. That would be so much fun.