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Anya Taylor-Joy Was The Clear Winner Of The Golden Globes Last Night

I'm not the biggest TV guy in the world. Nothing against those who watch TV or whatever, I just find myself watching sports....real masculine shit, yaknow?

Over Christmas, I did end up watching Queen's Gambit. Not that you need to hear it from me, but that show rocked (except for a few moments here and there) and you'll most likely leave the 7 episodes with a crush on Anya Taylor-Joy. Both the show and Anya Taylor-Joy were rightfully awarded last night at the Golden Globes:

All while this was going on, the Queen's Gambit was stunting on the entire internet:

Not only was the green & white dress phenomenal, but she was also wearing $2,300,000 in Tiffany diamonds. 

Imagine having that much on your physical body? There's an interesting question, what's the highest dollar amount you've ever had on? I'd assume mine came when I had a bunch of layers on in the middle of the winter. Probably topped $1000? Nowhere close to 2.3 million.