Just A Reminder That Idaho's Kibbie Dome Is One Of The Best Stadiums In College Football

I've never broken down fully why I love NCAA Football, but if I did I'd assume the reason that I would keep coming back to the Dynasty Mode. There was something about running a program in the Dynasty Mode, especially when you picked a team that started in the dumps. One of my favorite programs? Idaho. Not only was it random, but that dome?!? Buddy, did I love playing in that dome.

Since NCAA Football released their last game (for now), Idaho has made the switch from FBS to FCS. With the FCS season currently happening, the Kibbie Dome is back open for business.

It's beautiful. I hope to visit it one day or maybe I'll exist thinking it looks like it does on NCAA Football 14. You know how they say never meet your heroes? This may be one of those situations.

Things did get weird at the Kibbie Dome this weekend:

Idaho ended up winning by a TD even though they were 5.5-point underdogs. As they say, you simply don't walk into the Kibbie Dome and leave with a victory.