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Jockey Irad Ortiz Was Fined $1,000 And Put On Probation For Punching The Shit Out Of Another Jockey's Face After A Race

If you're into horse racing you know the names Irad Ortiz and Paco Lopez, two of the biggest jockeys in the sport. They are currently running down at Gulfstream and now both are on probation for the rest of the meet. To be honest, kind of a bad look for Paco here. You lose the race, get punched directly in the face and you also go on probation. 

Paco is on the 1 and Irad is on the 4. The move he makes on Irad is potentially dirty as shit. It also makes sense since Paco is known as the most aggressive rider out there. He swings outside fast after Irad gets in front of him. If they clip legs or anything there Irad goes down hard. Now, call me crazy, but getting thrown from a horse isn't the best thing in the world. You can see how pissed they are right after the race ends: 

All I can think about when shit happens with jockeys is It's Always Sunny, naturally: 

Gotta admit, Paco ate that punch pretty good. Sitting down and getting clocked in the face. Feel like most guys will crumble with ease, but not Paco. Great response by Irad though when Paco goes for the eye gouge/protect his face. Irad brushes that off and just continues to beat the shit out of Paco's face. And now both are on probation: 

Paco will think twice the next time he cuts off Irad that's for sure. 

PS: Still the best jockey fight of all time