Taylor Swift Comes After Netflix for a 'Lazy, Deeply Sexist Joke,' and the Epic Battle of Our Times Begins

There are not many individuals on the planet who have the power and influence to take on a massive corporate entity like Netflix and live to tell the tale. Financial analysts will tell you that there are six tech giants that are essentially driving the stock market upward through a period of economic collapse. And Netflix is the N in the acronym for them, FAANG. (The others obviously being Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google). Its power and influence has only increased over the last year. It can make anyone's career. And with that, have the power to destroy practically anyone by deplatforming them, if the people in charge so choose. 

I say "practically anyone." Because if there is a celebrity with a following large enough and loyal enough to take on Netflix and win, it may very well be Taylor Swift. 

I'm not familiar with "Ginny & Georgia," the show that used the line, "You go through men faster than Taylor Swift," thus drawing her ire. And I'll leave it to her to decide if it's "deeply sexist" or not, since she's the one taking the verbal shots. But just as a fan of good comedy, I'll agree totally that it's a lazy, 2010 era joke that shouldn't have made it past the table read for being so dated. It reads like something that was on Jay Leno's teleprompter 10 years ago. Just as dated are the jokes about her dating famous guys just so she can write hit songs about their breakups. It's belied by the fact her breakup songs are what the kids today call bangers. (Assuming they still call things bangers and that reference is also 11 years past its expiration date.) Romance gone bad has inspired some of the great music of all time. "Rumors" is one of the most celebrated albums of all time, and practically every song on it is the result of the members of Fleetwood Mac going through turmoil in their romantic entanglements with one another. That Taylor Swift has been one of the best songwriters of all time in the genre of breakup songs is nothing she needs to apologize for. 

And I say this as someone who merely likes her music. By no means am I anyone's idea of a diehard Swiftie. But they are legion. And will go to war for their queen if she so desires. And they wasted no time mobilizing on her behalf. 

All Swift needs to do is issue the command and it's on. Netflix will face a horde of angry and motivated combatants the likes of which no media giant ever has. Protests. Subscriptions being canceled. With the snap of her virtual Infinity Gauntlet, she could reduce Netflix to the Roku app, subsisting on old reruns of "Gunsmoke" and "Petitcoat Junction." It would be the greatest battle of our times. The biggest clash since the Eastern Front in WWII. And the ultimate litmus test for whether one celebrity can take on a powerful media giant in the Social Media Age. 

My guess is cooler heads will prevail. That Netflix will stand down and sue for peace with an apology written by corporate lawyers rather than take on Taylor Swift and her loyal minions. But if we're being honest, I wouldn't hate to watch the war be waged.