The NCAA Is Apparently Going To Let Teams Play With Just 5 Total Players Before They Remove Them From The NCAA Tournament

[Source] - The lab at IU Health will handle testing, and participants will receive tests on game days with enough time not just to get results, but also allow for a second test in case of a false positive. As for a threshold to remove a team, Gavitt said the NCAA will follow NCAA Tournament guidelines. “The playing rule says you have to have five players available to play the game,’’ he says. “If it gets down to it, if you have five healthy players, you have the opportunity to play.’’

It's a year of chaos and mayhem, no doubt about it. But part of me is cheering for this. Mostly I just want to see a Norman Dale situation: 

Or really just a Collin Sexton situation 

This makes sense though. If you make the NCAA Tournament, you should have every right to play. If that means you're rolling to a Round of 32 game with 5 players, zero subs and one coach so be it. You have the right to try and win that game. It's also good to know there will be enough time to make sure a false positive doesn't fuck a team over. I said it before, but the last thing I want to see in this NCAA Tournament is a team advance because of a forfeit. I'd rather see a team play with 3 guys for a half because college refs can't stop blowing the whistle and have a chance to win than that. 

We already know it's going to be the weirdest NCAA Tournament ever. Kansas the only true blue blood program in the Tournament, all of it taking place in Indiana and everything else. Shit, even the NIT is getting weird: 

Remember the first four teams out are seeded 1-4 in terms of replacement teams for the NCAA Tournament. All I know is if we get one game with just 5 players showing up it would be bigger than UMBC beating Virginia. Just a legit insane scenario.