Per His Peloton Bio, JJ Watt Is Deciding Between Green Bay, Cleveland, Or Buffalo


Per his PELOTON BIO, JJ Watt has allegedly narrowed his new team down to either Green Bay, Cleveland, or Buffalo. I love it. JJ Watt sending everyone on scavenger hunts to find out where he's playing next. The fact he knew people would eventually uncover his Peloton bio makes me laugh. What's next? A Venmo transaction to go from 3 to 2? Will he announce his newest team in a Yelp review? That'd be great. 

Glad JJ is having fun with free agency. Everything he does is being investigated by every internet Sherlock Holmes. Never forget the great mitochondria tweet of 2021



And then the 2 dogs, what does it mean???




If I had to guess, I'd say he's going to Green Bay. So much history there, the chance to team up with Aaron Rodgers the same way some guys went to Tampa to play with Brady, and he can play in 0 degrees without sleeves on and look really cool, which you always have to account for. But you can do the same in Cleveland or Buffalo to…hmmmmmmm. 

Obviously we have no idea where he's going, but leaving clues in his Peloton bio is great stuff.