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Colts GM Chris Ballard "Hates Those Damn Terrible Towels"

Started a new project today. Really pumped about it. One hour daily on YouTube to get the morning started. 

I was lucky enough to get to kick off the first show with a conversation with Colts GM Chris Ballard. I've covered the Colts for a handful of years before joining Barstool since I worked in Indy media, but this was the first time I was able to have a longer form direct convo with Chris. 

He's great. Engaging interview. Fun conversation. Oh and he's really damn good at his job, too. Of course, we'll see how the Wentz deal plays out, but the roster as a whole is right there. It's been a complete overhaul since he took over in January of 2017. During our talk today we got down to the bottom of a little known fact that Ballard grew up a huuuuge Steelers fan. 

Even being from Texas - Houston to be exact. During the prime Oiler years and of course the Cowboys in state, too. He was a loner wearing the black & gold so we connected on that level. That was then. 


"Now I hate those damn Terrible Towels," Ballard said laughing. "This year was the best and unfortunately we came out on the wrong end of it, but usually you get going and that crowd gets going and them freakin' towels get to wavin', and it just creates a different energy. It's (Pittsburgh) one of the real special places to go play."

See, Indy? Even your own GM couldn't deny being a Steelers fan. 

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