Power Move - The City Of Indianapolis Beat Its Own World Record And Hung An Even Bigger Bracket On The Side Of A Goddamn Hotel

This is what I needed to see. This is why Indianapolis should host the Final Four every other year. It's the perfect setup to host big events, if you've been there for one you know. Everything is walking distance, it's cheap, plenty of bars and it's for sure a city that would do this. Hang the goddamn world record sized bracket on the JW Marriott - beating itself for the new record. I love the thought process of sitting there going 'nope, not big enough. Nope not 20 feet. 25 feet! That's it!' Also love that they say it's as easy as putting up wallpaper. I'm in the process of moving and selling a house, etc. Hey if it's that easy, come to Cincinnati and take care of my shit for me. Nothing inside a house is easy. It's all a pain in the ass, so this quote is a bunch of a horseshit. 

This is just another reason why Indianapolis is the perfect host for the Final Four and really the NCAA Tournament. This place fucking loves basketball. Makes it even crazier that there's a good chance we see, what? 1 school from the entire state in the NCAA Tournament in Purdue. Regardless, we got a gigantic fucking bracket and that's awesome. I'm still wandering around aimlessly between losing last year's tournament and Kentucky sucking ass this year. I have no idea how to handle watching an NCAA Tournament with no sweat of my team. But seeing brackets on the side of a hotel? That's got me right back in it and right back to remembering how fucking awesome those 3 weeks are. 

Power move, that's all I can think of here. Knowing you already have the world record but you're going to one-up yourself? Love it. Hell of a move.