The Seattle Mayor Is Threatening To Steal And Move The Pelicans Because The Mayor Of New Orleans Tried Recruiting Russell Wilson To The Saints

So this is the tweet that started it all. The mayor of New Orleans out here trying to recruit Russell Wilson and Ciara to the Saints. Honestly, I think there are better ways to recruit him - like just showing him Alvin Kamara highlights. Know your audience one time, Mayor Cantrell. Needless to say the Mayor of Seattle chimed in and honestly crossed the line: 

What the fuck is this? You don't joke about stealing a team and moving them. We all know the Sonics belong in Seattle. We all know it's bullshit they left and became the Oklahoma City Thunder - still the dumbest name in sports. Shit, New Orleans has had a team ripped from them before when the Jazz moved to Utah. Again, maybe the dumbest name in sports since I'm pretty sure Utah doesn't allow music. But you can't joke about stealing a team. There are lines, even on Twitter. You want this man to cry because his team is moving to Seattle? 

I know politicians do this shit with sports all the time. There's always some sort of corny bet made in the playoffs, title game, etc. But this? Again, you don't fucking joke about stealing a team. In fact I think I'm cheering for Russ to end up in New Orleans strictly because of this threat. Imagine New Orleans not having Zion? I'd join Mintzy in protesting the move - also I just really want to go to New Orleans. 

It is still a bit wild to me that we're even discussing Russell Wilson being traded. The man is the face of the Seahawks. He's the best quarterback in team history. He's still in his prime! At some point you move on from the Carroll clan and do whatever it takes to hold on to Wilson. I've said it before but quarterback is probably the most important position in all of sports. Why would you move on from a top-5 guy? Sure, you may get 3 first round picks but how often do you actually hit on those? 60ish percent at best? Not worth the trade - not even for the Pelicans to move.