It Would Be A Downright Travesty If We Got Our March Started Any Other Way Than All These March Madness Videos

Folks, we made it. Nearly 365 days since the NCAA Tournament and conference tournaments were ripped from us we're back. It's March 1. The absolute greatest month of the year. Cinderella's, upsets, brackets, sweats. Everything just seems to be shining a bit brighter. I actually woke up ... not tired today. I woke up with a little pep in the step. If we're being honest the best version of the song was the 2000-05 intro with the ball starting outside. We need to bring that back. Perfection and fire all wrapped into one. 

Fuck it, here are a bunch of more videos. It's March. Nail down the goddamn dog. It's time. 

We'll save the NCAA Tournament highlights for the start of that. 1 week of the regular season as we have conference tournaments going on right now. Let's fucking go.