Absolutely Love This Utah State Manager Who Got Honored Before The Game Then Picked Up A Technical Yapping At The Refs From The Bench

That's how you make a memory on Senior Day. Managers work their ass off, have to run around and use tape to build a court on hotel floors. They help run all the shit only to be forgotten about by the majority of people. But not I, they are the ones in charge of equipment and gear. So if you are watching your team up 30 in the second half on your senior day you make your mark. You yap at that ref. You make sure you get a technical and then you shrug like you're Jordan. 

As much as I love this Utah State manager, I fucking hate this ref. How do you get so riled up from a manager? How do you give a technical. The man goes to Utah State, there's a 99% chance he's not even swearing. They aren't as bad as BYU, but still hilarious. Reminds me of this: 

The story here though is this manager cares about Utah State more than anyone in the world. Got a technical for that. If 10% of us had that much passion and dedication for our jobs the US economy would be through the fucking roof.  Sorry for doing my job too well sir.