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A Very Stunned And Possibly High Jason Sudeikis Won A Golden Globe For Best Actor While Wearing A Hoodie


I love everything about this moment. God bless Jason Sudeikis. He's going through a tough time right now, fresh off a split with Olivia Wilde. He's been down in the dumps, we know this. So that's why him getting high as hell and winning best actor for Ted Laso is so great. He didn't expect it. He was wearing a hoodie, which definitely means he's the first actor to ever accept a Golden Globe in a hoodie. This picture made me laugh, all the other nominees dressed to the nines to sit in their living rooms and Sudeikis is taking bong rips in his tie dye.




Who woulda thought the guy from SNL who made a show out of a TV commercial would now be America's sweetheart? Good for Jason Sudeikis. Year got off to a rocky start but all up hill from here. Happy for him.