FSU's Elijah Cabell Blasted a Baseball 489 Feet Yesterday.....FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE FEET

I know, I know what's the big deal hitting a baseball far with a metal bat. You know what? You try and hit a baseball 489 feet with anything. You accomplish that task and you'll have my undivided attention. One of the best power bats in the country, Elijah Cabell. detonating this baseball with a 114 mph exit at the college level is downright insane. Ball went over the trees. OVER THE GODDAMN TREES. A no doubter that got lost out to left center. You just don't see that. You know how awesome it has to feel to cause that impact? Closest you'll ever feel to being a superhero as you round the bases. Baseball grades tools on a 20-80 scale. I'm gonna go ahead and give this fella an 80 power grade and not think twice. 

Side note, college baseball heating up always make me remember and laugh at the fact that they play baseball with a metal bat in college. How in the world is that allowed? Somehow no one dies either. These are the best young players in the country with the cream of the crop going on to play in the bigs. Never hear of a death despite the fact these guys are basically hitting them with the speed and force a bullet travels. Maybe that's why? All the baseballs end up on other planets so the pitcher gets spared from being the target. 

Like imagine if you gave Stanton a metal bat now?

See if Foul Ball guy has the balls to hang out in the stands with his stupid glove then. That's right coward. 

This also made me recall a ridiculously dumb argument I got into in college with a stubborn fella who was convinced he could hit a golf ball further with a metal bat than a driver. The driver was literally created to hit a golf ball was far as possible. If you hit a golf ball 500 feet with a baseball bat it would be something. A 300 yard drive means the golf ball went 900 feet. Just an idiotic fight that never ended. Those are the best. 

P.S. It's worth noting that FSU blew this game and got swept by Pitt this weekend. First time Pittsburgh has ever done that. All of that power just to lose in extras. Good for Cabell's draft stock though! Dude hits bombs.