Try And Find A Better College Baseball Headshot Than This Legends, I Dare You.

D III baseball is a different animal. Tons of wild characters who just want to mash baseballs. One of those animals is outfielder Justin Meekins from Salisbury University down on the eastern shore of Maryland, it's a wild place if you've ever been there. RIP Monkey Barrel. Anyways, Justin Meekins was put on this earth to do two things, crush baseballs and take insanely hilarious headshots. 

Year after year his headshots get more and more wacky and they go viral every time. You can see above he started out as a shaggy regular guy. It transformed into the low hat, long haired, glasses wearing cousin of Nick Turani. One year he added a monocle and twirled his mustache up making it look like he was on his way to tie up your girlfriend and leave her on a railroad track while he robs the train. Where do you even get a monocle? Do kids know what they're used for? The hair really gives off a Jayson Werth vibe as well. 

This year he's got the hair flowing, the mustache still twirled up, and even has some sort of goatee? And the ends of the goatee are flipped up? Is that a double handlebar mustache? That's a facial hair I've never seen before. It's quite a flex to be able to grow that facial hair while still in college, it doesn't matter how long you've been there. And the glasses, I mean what are they? 

Every year the picture adds something else, the hair flows a little more than it did the year before, the mustache curls a bit more, and the pictures get better and better. I love the creativity by Justin, a guy who seems to be enjoying every second of his college baseball career. Every clubhouse needs a Justin Meekins in it. Can only imagine what he did in elementary school with the laser background behind him, Mrs. Meekins was probably so pissed when he'd pull some shit like this on picture day.