Of Course Trey Mancini Singled In His First Spring Training At-Bat Since Beating Cancer

We're getting our first round of Spring Training games today and while it's awesome that we have baseball on our TVs, it's also awesome because we finally get to see Trey Mancini back on a baseball field for the Orioles. I wrote last week how awesome it was that he was a full participant in the Os first workout and how the comeback isn't going to be complete until he is in that lineup on Opening Day, and this is just another step closer to that. Batting second and playing first base for the Orioles in their first game in the spring. It's been almost a year since we saw Trey get a hit in these unis and man was it sweet to see. 

Love how the umpire gave him some time to take in the reaction from the limited crowd down in Sarasota, really let him soak it all in. Has to be an emotional moment for him. This time last year he was finding out he was sick and now he's stepping back into a batters box. Ump even pretended to clean home plate which was nice because it was literally the second batter of the home inning. You can't watch that and not feel emotional and happy for the guy. 

Naturally he laced a single into center field during the at-bat and all is right with the baseball world. Listen to that sound too, doesn't sound like a guy who was doing chemo treatments last year when his teammates were on the field. Atta boy, Trey. Like Rico says all the time, #somethings are bigger than sports, and this is one of em.