People From All Across The Golf World Are Wearing Red And Black Today In Support Of Tiger Woods

So fucking cool man. Really really awesome seeing a bunch of Tour guys out at Concession today rocking the black and red in support of Tiger Woods. Rory, Jason Day, Cameron Champ, Tommy Fleetwood, Patrick Reed (who always wears red and black on Sundays), Phil Mickelson at the Champions tour event, Annika Sorenstam, etc etc. It really just shows how much of an impact Tiger has had on the game of golf. By now everybody sorta knows how big of an impact he's had but it's great to see guys from the generation he inspired paying homage to the GOAT. 

By the way, I saw Max Homa dealing with some idiots on Twitter who were saying he needed to pay tribute but Max was saying he couldn't because he has sponsors and didn't pack any red and black clothes because the tribute came together later in the week (a very rational and understandable response from Max). People who don't understand that response are truly insane. If a guy is out there today rocking the red and black in support of Tiger, that's awesome. If a guy is out there and he's wearing what he had planned on wearing all week, that's fine too. It certainly doesn't mean that person hates Tiger. Do people really think Max Homa doesn't support Tiger Woods just because he's not wearing black and red today? We're talking about the same guy who broke down into tears after he won Tiger's tournament at Riviera last week, right? Okay got it.

I also had a couple people tweet at me being like, "You know he's not dead, right?" or, "all he did was break his leg" and those people can kick rocks. First of all, saying that all Tiger did was break his leg leaves out the part where HIS CAR FLEW OFF A CLIFF AND ROLLED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. That'd be like saying to somebody who got shot and survived, "Oh you just got a scratch." Poo-pooing Tiger's car accident like there wasn't a real chance he could've died is pretty strange.

But let's not get distracted by the idiots. The main takeaway is that everyone in the golf world loves Tiger Woods and they wanted to show him that by wearing red and black on Sunday. Very cool.