The Knicks Are Going To Save This Goddamn City

This is exactly why New York will always be a Knicks city. It's why this place will lose its collective shit if the Knicks ever win a title. The Nets can have all the shiny bells and whistles and strip club parties, the Knicks hit .500 and people are running around 33rd and 7th like fucking lunatics. You know what? I love it. This is what being a Knicks fan is all about. It's about seeing a team actually have a plan and compete and finally be fun. For the first time in like 8 years, this team is worth watching and it's paying off watching them. They have me ready to drive to NYC and run amuck with these fans. These are my sort of people. Do I care that we're cheering for being .500 as we're getting ready to March? Nope. Better than the Celtics. Better than the Heat. Better than the Bulls. Better than the Pacers. So suck my ass 90s rivals. 

This city needs something to bond over. It's Rangers vs Islanders. It's Giants vs Jets. It's a zillion college fans. The one thing it's not? Knicks vs Nets. Nobody except Spider gives a flying shit about the Nets. This is a Knicks town. People from all over the city, all walks of life, we just want competitive basketball. We got Leon Rose. We got Worldwide Wes. We now have an All-Star in Julius Randle. We have Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin. First comes, .500, next comes the dunk contest then comes to the NBA Finals. Who doesn't want to watch this in the Finals? 

You know what? People will mock Knicks fans for this, but this is what we fight for. You watch a burning shit and burning franchise for this long, just seeing the smallest shred of hope has us losing our shit. You simply can't understand unless you're like a Kings fan. It's about going through the wars of fighting to be relevant with other Knicks fans. It's about defending Patrick Ewing while hating James Dolan. It's about Oak and Mase and Starks and Houston and everyone else we grew up with. We've come a long fucking way in year 1 of Leon Rose and Kenny Payne.