Nobody Does Locker Room Celebrations Better Than Josh Pastner

Goddamnit I'm addicted to Josh Pastner locker room videos. The guy is so unintentionally hilarious it just makes it must watch. Who could forget when he started smashing a coronavirus pinata? 

To now this. I don't even know what it is but it reminds me of Arrested Development having no idea what the hell a chicken is.

Giphy Images.

Georgia Tech is pretty damn legit too. At least they are fun. They came back from a halftime deficit to beat Syracuse and should be in the NCAA Tournament as of right now. Jose Alvarado and Moses Wright are awesome. I honestly never thought Pastner would right the ship at Georgia Tech, a program that should always be decent. 

All I know is Pastner has taken over Roy Williams and Eric Musselman as the best locker room guy at celebrations. Why? Because it's unintentional. Muss is a lunatic. Roy is the daggum old man dancing. Pastner has no idea what he's doing. Never change, Josh.