Dustin Poirier Tells Joe Rogan He'd Like To Complete The Trilogy With Conor McGregor In June/July

Dustin 'The Diamond' Poirier was on The Joe Rogan Experience today discussing his latest outing on Fight Island, beating Conor McGregor, getting redemption, and all of that kinda stuff (while plugging The Good Fight Foundation/his hot sauce, of course); and when the topic of a potential third bout with 'The Notorious' came up, Poirier seemed pretty confident that we'd see that fight sooner than later.

“We’re just trying to get the right deal structured,” Poirier said. “This is going to be a big fight. He knocked me out, (and) I knocked him out...the trilogy. For sure one of the biggest fights this year, but maybe of all time."

“I think the trilogy makes a lot of sense and a lot of money. So we’re just trying to get the right deal structured and see what the timeframe is. For a guy like Conor, you want fans in there, even if it’s limited. Right now at the Apex where they’re set up in America, there’s obviously no fans. So where do you do that? And what’s the timeframe?”

Transcription via MMAjunkie

Poirier told Rogan that June/July would be his desired timeframe to complete the trilogy, but also admitted that if the UFC wanted to do it before then, he probably wouldn't turn 'em down. He seems dead-set on once again getting this fight against McGregor booked - whether you like it or not - because at the end of the day, there ain't a single more profitable fight on the table for him (nor will there ever be), and he isn't planning on being around in the sport forever. 

Sure, there's guys like Charles Oliveira, Michael Chandler, and Justin Gaethje waiting in the lightweight wings right now, but none of em are puttin up 1.6mil PPV buys with Dustin; and after you TKO Conor McGregor....you kinda get to call the shots! 

Dana White has already noted that a potential third fight between these two wouldn't be for the UFC Lightweight Championship, and Poirier acknowledges here that it wouldn't make sense to put the title up for grabs in that matchup, but I feel like it's still possible they call an audible and find an excuse to do it.

Another clip I found interesting/funny from this pod featured Rogan asking Poirier about McGregor's lack of trash talk/more respectful approach in general this time around, and what he thought about that….

To me, it sounded like Dustin was kinda relieved that Conor didn't go at him like he did the first time around, given the stress he was already facing on fight week. Pretty comical back and forth there about whether or not McGregor should be an asshole.

Now onto the location front: selfishly, I'd love for them to figure out how to put this third fight on in the States, because I don't think I have another pair of 18 hour flights in me, and as sweet as the Fight Island experience was, there was definitely a prison-y element to the whole thing as well, as pointed out by Dustin Poirier (a guy who has actually been to prison). It's just a LOT of time spent in isolation.

Why not do limited fans in Vegas, ya know? I'm sure it'll be possible by then! They could probably even pack a decent number into Allegiant Stadium if they wanted to like they did for the Super Bowl - somethin like 25k? Would be pretttty sick!

P.S. Kinda off topic but Rogan's listeners have to be down BIG TIME since he made the move to Spotify, right? 

Just on a personal level - I went from watching multiple episodes a week to maaaybe having heard three episodes in three months being there's literally no way for me to watch the show on my television anymore…so I'm just done. I mean, how insane is it that Spotify still has no video feature at all on Xbox (and many other systems) almost a year after giving the most famous podcaster in the world $100 million dollars to bring his (video) show to their platform exclusively?! They gotta figure that shit out.