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The Anniversary of the Greatest Trash Talk in History Takes Us Into the Weekend

February 26, 2012. A date that will live forever in the annals of sports. One of the most epic comebacks of all time. One of the most clutch performances when the pressure was on. One of the best examples of grace under fire. And the all time greatest example of trash talking in the long and glorious history of competition. From the greatest competitor to ever lace up the ugly shoes. 

For it was nine years ago today that Pete Weber pulled out the win with the absolute have-to-have-it strike on his final roll, turned to the punk who'd been heckling him the whole time, and brought "Goddammit! Who do you think you are? I AM!!!" into existence. To speak in the language of his sport, Pete Weber rolled a verbal perfect game. A shit-talking 300. And the fine art of shutting someone up with your scoreboard and your superior wit would never, ever be the same. 

Here's him explaining where "Who do you think you are? I AM!" came from. But don't feel you have to watch it. Some things don't require explanation. In fact, they can be diminished by one. I just prefer to think those words were gifted to him, fully formed, by the Bowling Gods. 

And also gifted to us. Have a great weekend. Even if you're not as eloquent as Pete Weber.