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Vernon Maxwell Is Back With Another A+ Troll Job Of The Jazz And Their Fans

The more I think about it, this might be my favorite beef on the entire internet. Vernon Maxwell vs the Jazz/their fans always delivers. We've seen it time and time again

I can't get enough of it. It's some Grade A trolling and then some. Which brings me to his tweet from today. 

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The Utah Jazz are a wagon. They've been the best team in the NBA for well over a month and are running through any and every team in their path. They are playing some of the most unselfish and beautiful basketball in the entire league. They have depth, they have elite coaching, they have shooting, they defend. It's nearly impossible to find a flaw in the Jazz right now. It's also true that Jazz fans get very defensive and easily triggered when it comes to their basketball team. Especially when you slander them. I guess that might be true of pretty much every fan base, but it's certainly true when it comes to Jazz fans. I say this as someone who also gets easily triggered online. I know it when I see it because I live it.

That's why this is such a beautiful troll job by Maxwell. He knows what he's doing. He knows how mad this is going to make the people of Utah. What's the comeback to that tweet as a Jazz fan? You have nothing. That's why it's the perfect troll. Oh cool, you call Maxwell a role player? Sweet burn. You still got roasted. 

While I'm desperately praying that the Jazz are for real and actually show up in the playoffs so I don't have to live in a world where the Lakers go back to back, I almost want them to crush the regular season just to fall apart in the playoffs so we can see Maxwell's tweets about it. That sounds mean but it's not my favorite team so give me the internet content.