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Of Course Michael Jordan Has A Guy In His Crew Whose Job Is To Pull Up Highlights Of Him Torching Kevin Garnett Whenever The Two See Each Other

The least shocking thing in the world is that MJ still remembers torching Kevin Garnett decades ago and brings it up every time he sees KG. That's not really the point here. The point is how awesome of a gig must it be to be in MJ's crew and your job being the guy who has the highlights available at all times. Gotta be a little stressful to make sure you're quick on the trigger but that's an AWESOME job. That's someone MJ values. You know you're in with MJ when he has you control the highlight portion of his shit talking escapades. More importantly you know that MJ trusts you. He trusts that you have that highlight package right then and there at all times. I assume this crew member just has 1,000 tabs consistently open on his phone of MJ torching different Hall of Famers. 

I still think Jordan's most endearing characteristic is the fact that he'll shit talk anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a competitor, a Hall of Famer, a teammate, a bum, his family. He will shit talk you. He does it if he thinks you're nowhere near his league or he values you. The man simply lives to play basketball (or baseball), golf, gamble and talk shit. That's all he wants to do and frankly I can't blame him. Shit talking is one of the greatest things in the world. It's how you tell your friends they are your friends. It can be how you tell an idiot off, feels great too. But having someone show the highlights as you just run your mouth is an all-time move. 

If it's this video, we're talking about a 12 minute highlight. You just know, you KNOW, MJ makes Garnett watch all of it too.