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NFL Teams Are Now Leaving Voicemails For The Texans With Trade Offers For Watson Since Houston Refuses To Take Phone Calls

(NYP)--According to a NFL Network report, the Texans front office is so dug in that they are not taking phone calls from teams interested in acquiring Deshaun Watson.

Tom Pelissero reported that some teams have even “resorted to leaving voicemails with trade offers.”

Watson has officially requested a trade and said behind that scenes that he will never take another snap for the Texans again.

Houston’s latest attempt to persuade him was a meeting with new coach David Culley, but Watson’s stance remains unchanged.

Watson signed a four-year, $156 million extension last season, but has felt disrespected by the Texans not consulting him on key decisions, such as hiring Nick Caserio as GM.

This is it. This is the thing that will get the Texans front office to crack. There is NOTHING worse than getting a voicemail in 2021. Nobody works in an office or has a work voicemail anymore. If you call me and I don't answer then you better hang up immediately. If I care enough I will call you back or more likely I will just text you with a "hey, what's up? I can't talk right now" even though I am DEFINITELY just laying on the couch and watching a show, but speaking with my actual tongue and mouth seems like way too much work. The only people who leave voicemails are people who need something from me like card companies, the IRS, or scammers pretending to be the IRS, or my parents who apparently need reassurance that I love them and care about them after being alive for 34 years. If they loved me they would read this blog and never leave me another voicemail again. 

I will say though...if you have a history of leaving voicemails I am more likely to answer your call JUST to avoid the voicemail and going through the exercise with my thumb to delete it. So if that is what teams are doing then they just officially started the process even though the Texans haven't acknowledged them yet. If you have notifications on your phone just piling up you have to look at them unless you're a psychopath. Especially if you know one of those notifications might contain things like 4 first round picks and like Kyle Fuller. You have to check them even if you don't respond and eventually you'll just cave because you're annoyed. Happens to me all the time. It will eventually happen to Nick Caserio and the Texans too. If Ryan Pace isn't calling them in morning and then on his way home from Halas then he isn't doing his job. Leave those voicemails. Wear them down until Watson is a Chicago Bear.