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Joe Lunardi Popped His Head Out Of His Bunker To Roast Archie Miller And A Bunch Of Fans On Twitter About The Bracket

Listen nobody loves brackets more than Joe Lunardi. The man puts out a bracketology for the following season the moment the title game ends. He lives to piss people off. I can respect that. There are still transfers, coaches to be hired, injuries, scheduling quirks, all of it. Yet here is Joey Brackets, ready to give you what will probably be a really accurate prediction of next year’s tournament seeding while this year’s tournament is just finishing up One Shining Moment. 

But we're now entering spicy Lunardi and this is a new caveat in who he is. He was always just the goofy guy in this fake bunker. It really started last year when Archie Miller called his show Sesame Street. 

You think Lunardi forgets about this? Think again. You come at the king, you best not miss Archie.

I still wish Lunardi would truly embrace it and do a show from a trash can. If we're going to do this fake bunker routine, buy into it. Talk about Indiana with the characters of Sesame Street or sit in a trash can. Play the role, Joe! I always find this shit hilarious though. Lunardi is a bracketologist (I think that's the right word, it's still fake). His job is to guess what the shit the committee is going to do yet people take his word for gospel. He's not even the best at it according to BracketMatrix which makes it even better. 

Fucking Lunardi man. The dude is turning a corner to be hilarious and I can't figure out if I love it or not. There was something special about this bracket nerd and now he's fighting back.