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The Barstool Fund - Howard's Tavern (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thank you to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business… Howard's Tavern (West View, PA).

Howard’s Tavern is operated by third generation owners. Started by their grandparents in 1962, the family is proud to keep the legacy alive. There is always a good crowd for major sports watching events, and Howard's is recognized for its award-winning fish sandwich.



Reader Email

Howards tavern has been in west view since 1962. Howards has been passed though 3 generations of owners us currently being the 3rd generation. If you asked me what makes Howards great I would family.

Rosemary and Howard started the bar in 1962. Howard several years after opening and Rose ( as everyone loving called her) had to get special permission from the state to be allowed to work behind the bar at the time. Her daughter roseann and son in law steve would often be seeing there working to help rose in anyway they can.

Eventually roseann and steve would take over the bar only to suffer a total loss fire in 1996 . Determined to keep a legacy alive steve began working 3 jobs to get the bar rebuilt as the insurance barely covered a fraction of the old building and supplies. By 1997 the bar had been rebuilt through hard work donations and a loving community. My wife rachel would start working for her parents just 2 short years at the age of 14 now 35 and and owner she has spent her entire life in that place and customers still remember her as the hemorrhoid (as her father steve so lovingly called her).

The hemorrhoid and I bought the bar from my inlaws shortly after I lost my job as a corrections officer as the state of Pennsylvania saw to close facilities for cost savings. I had worked there for 10 years and had my 3 children in a great school district with family surrounding us my beautiful Italian wife stubbornly refused to relocate. I couldn't blame her everyone wants whats best for their children and we had it.

Now almost a 3 years into bar ownership and 1 year into covid 19 things are tough. With only 3 years to build up a business bank account we frankly dont have enough to last much longer. We fear that the legacy of Howard will be lost forever. We fear our employees will suffer. We fear within months the bar will be forced to close up and sell off.

I believe small businesses like ours are the back bone of America. I myself am a veteran of the United States Army. I thought we accomplished the AMERICAN DREAM when we owned our own business but that dream has become a nightmare.

I would like to apologize in advance for the quality of our video I'm not tech savvy nor do i find it to be the best decision to pay for the a 3rd party to edit a video for us at this time. we are trying to survive and make smart decisions. thank you guys approved or not for all you are doing to help hundreds of business across the country hopefully your work will be rewarded in heaven.