Barstool Chicago Small Business Feature - Supreme Lobster with Carl, Chief, and Dante


This is the story of a young man named Dominic Stramaglia.

Being the Taylor street kid he was, coming into a connection in Boston for Live lobsters, Dominic gave selling them a try.

Like a true entrepreneur, he bought a bunch of them and began going door to door trying to sell them. 

He managed to unload them all successfully. So the next week he went and bought more. Same result.

Eventually, he bought the Boston guy's entire trunk of lobsters and set up a kiddie pool in his apartment to hold them in. 

The next morning he woke up and they were dead. Turned out lobsters can't survive in Chicago's Lake Michigan tap water. So he got to figuring out a salination system tank and restocked. He became known as "The Lobster Guy" in the neighborhood, which evolved into his customers asking for other kinds of seafood. He figured out a way to source fish, shellfish, and the like and decided he needed a shop. 

His small shop started in 1974 grew into a multi-state, full-service seafood vending service known nationwide. 

With his son's John and Tim on his side helping run things, now third-generation Jonathan gave Carl, Chief, and I the grand tour.

A real family operation. A true American Dream story. 

Something that was really amazing about this story that you'll see in the video, is that while we were filming the scene where we're cleaning the fish, one of the fishmongers that's been working at Supreme for 20 years now's family works at Que Rico in Lakeview. This is significant because they were recently saved by the Barstool Fund. 

He was super appreciative and it was a really great moment. What a small world.

Being the class act that the is, Johnny also surprised us with a donation check at the very end for The Barstool Fund. An amazing day with a really amazing group of hard-working people. Had a blast filming this and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did.

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s/o to Tom for filming and to Chief's buddy Harry on doing a great job on the video.