NFL Network Analyst Somehow Has Justin Fields Falling To The Steelers At 24

No trade. Nothing. Simply Fields just...falling allll the way to 24. Here's what Casserly had to say on the matter: 

"Even though the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger are planning to continue their partnership, I don't see the veteran playing much longer. In a stunning turn of events, Fields slides all the way to No. 24 (obviously, it won't be a surprise if he goes much earlier than this) and Pittsburgh pounces at the chance to land a talented successor for Big Ben. Sitting behind a future Hall of Famer for a year is a prime spot for the Ohio State prospect."

I mean, as a Steelers fan, I would take this in a fuckin' heartbeat. No questions asked. Are you kidding me? What most have as a top 10 pick and some have as a top 5 pick falling all the way to you there? You'd have to take him. Even with Big Ben returning again in 2021. It'd be perfect. Fields had two years as a starter at Ohio State, but I'm taking the ol' "Patrick Mahomes sat for a year behind Alex Smith and look what happened there!" approach. 

The dude is big, athletic, absolutely balled in the Big Ten and demolished Clemson in the CFP last year after almost getting severed in half. There truly wouldn't be a better scenario in my mind. will remain just that. I mean there's just no way that the WFT, Bears, Raiders, Patriots, Broncos, 49ers, etc. would all pass on Fields. Just no way. Plus, if you didn't just scroll down to 24 to see what he had to say about the Steelers you'd see that Casserly has the Falcons trading back to 8 to take...RB Najee Harris. 

Tells ya about all you need to know.