Vladamir Guerrero Jr. Lost 42 Pounds In The Offseason And That Is Bad News For The Rest Of Baseball

Uh oh, you hear that MLB? You now have a certified problem on your hands. Vladamir Guerrero Jr. has shown up to camp and has dropped a ton of weight, 42 pounds since last July to be exact. He acknowledged that he's shown up at previous camps out of shape and heavier than he would have liked. Seems like he's maturing and realizing that he can be an absolute force in this league if he can get his weight under control, and thats exactly what he did. Just look at those pictures above, he looks lean.

He is still a big dude, don't get that confused. But you can tell that he has lost weight, mostly in his face. He was the chubby kid, but he's still only 21. Guy is still growing into his body. We'll wait to see if he has the power stroke still after this weight loss, but my guess is that transfers over. I mean he really does look great. He's gonna be playing a lot of first this year too, and mentioned the desire to become more flexible and become a gold glove first baseman. If this guy gets himself into great shape, which he's getting close to, I could see that gold glove happen. He's figuring out what it takes to be great, and that is only going to help himself and the Jays going forward. He's quicker, leaner, and he's got some protection in that lineup. 

He's a naturally bigger guy, so he'll never look rail thin, but you can tell that he's moving much better, feels better, and he's just in a better baseball shape. Super excited to watch this guy knock the cover off the ball this year. Keep an eye on this guy going forward because I think he's going to have a massive season.