The Big Show, A 22-Year WWE Vet, Has (Pretty Surprisingly) Signed With AEW

WEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL....WELL IT'S - oh shit they're not gonna be able to use that music anymore. Sad!

We've got some pretty shocking news outta the pro wrestling world today, as it was announced that Paul Wight - better known as The Big Show - has signed with All Elite Wrestling after spending the previous 22 years in the WWE. 

He's one of those guys I think most fans just assumed would retire in the WWE considering all the good will and respect he has within the company (and with Vince McMahon), and as far as I know, nobody even realized he was a free agent! 

It appears that to start, he'll serve as a commentator for AEW Dark, but it shouldn't be long before he makes his in-ring debut for 'em with verbiage like this in the press release....

Obviously, this isn't like Jericho jumping to the WWF back in the Attitude Era or anything - it's not a young guy who could turn the tide of the war - but it's definitely a very intriguing signing. 

I'm wondering if all of Show's time working with Cody Rhodes in 2012-13 played a factor in his decision to make the move, if the possibility of wrestling Shaq on TNT had to do with it, or if he just wanted to shake things up before he calls it a career. After all, he's done all there is to do in the WWE.

I just hope they somehow remake this shirt….