Bad Ass Brazilian Nurse Fights Off Intruder Who Broke Into Her House While She Was Filming Herself Twerking

NY Post

Brazilian nurse Angela Goncalves was recording herself busting some moves at her home in Paranagua when a man appeared in the yard behind her, according to Newsflash.

The stranger leers at her before entering her house — giving her a fright as he tries to grab her, the video shows. But Goncalves quickly goes on the offensive and gives the intruder a buttload of trouble — delivering a torrent of punches and kicks as the man tries to flee, the clip shows.

“I get scared and act naturally as if I knew him until he reacts with the intentions of grabbing me,” she said on Facebook, where she also posted her Instagram video.

What a crazy video. This Brazilian nurse was getting her twerk/dance on in the comfort of her own home when this weirdo strolled up in the background to break in and try and grab her. Her initial reaction made you think she knew him, right? I guess there's no textbook way to react to something like that, but shock. Well, shit went from 0 to 100 real quick as this nurse unloaded every move she's ever seen in movies and UFC on this guy and kicked him out of the club. 

I thought the M.O. from robbers was to break into unoccupied houses, not the ones with music blasting and people dancing. I want it on the record I know this from movies (Home Alone) not experience. Well, this guy found out REAL QUICK that was the wrong move. Arguably the worst intruder these eyes have ever seen. Didn't have any plan whatsoever. Once he was recognized as a stranger he got straight up bundled. What an idiot. NEVER interrupt a woman while she's dancing. You lose that battle 10 times outta 10. 

P.S. Have to have a real talking to that guard dog right? I mean what are we doing here pal? At the bare minimum you have to start barking when a stranger pulls up like that. Can't just let him stroll like it's nobody's business. 

P.P.S. Brazil is fucking nuts. Just a whole different world down there. I'd last no more than 3 seconds before being abducted.