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I Want To Talk About How Goddamn Fun And Good Big 12 Basketball Is, Even If They Make Stupid Decisions

Yesterday we had another wild night in the Big 12, because that's Big 12 life. We had Baylor barely beating Iowa State, we had Kanas State beating Oklahoma, Texas/Kansas played overtime and shit, even WVU was pushed by TCU. This a day after Oklahoma State/Texas Tech played an overtime game. Crazy plays all over the damn place and honestly, it's my favorite conference in basketball. Correction, it's also the best conference in basketball. You're talking about 7 tournament teams out of 10 and all 7 should be in the top-6, maybe top-7 seeds. 

That said, I hate some of the decisions they are making. Don't get me wrong, I completely get this is a business - shocking the NCAA and a conference would be using this to strictly make money, I know. I've bitched about it before starting with putting the WVU/Oklahoma 2OT game on ESPN+. Too often a Big 12 game is put on streaming. Yes, I have every channel in my cable package and yes I have all the streaming packages, but I just want the simplicity of putting on channel 206 and watching the best game of the day. There's also the decision yesterday to cancel the WVU/Baylor game that was supposed to be played tomorrow: 

Am I being selfish? Of course. But that's what matters. It's the time of the year where we have casual fans jumping into the game. We need the best games and best teams on the TV as much as possible. Sure, they are playing a couple days later, but can't we get both? I still think the best option is if you have a conference tournament, add a loser's bracket. Don't worry about replacing most of these one-off regular season games. You'll get the replacement games at the conference tournament plus it entices more teams to come. 

But back how good it is, you have a title favorite in Baylor. You look at teams who could realistically make a Final Four and you have Texas, Oklahoma and WVU. Texas Tech and Kansas should be 5ish seeds. Oklahoma State has Cade Cunningham, the most talented player in the country. 

Give me the Big 12 every day. It's the most entertaining conference in America and just consistently delivers.