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The Most Dummy Jerseys To Wear To Go Day Drinking

Ahhh the refreshing feeling of temperatures rising and snow beginning to melt. After the nation wide blizzard of 2021, a heat wave has swept most of America and has us feeling like rabid hungry dogs smelling meat with the thought of being back outside enjoying life. 

45 feels like 55 and 55 feels like we might as well open Stu Feiner's pool and do a head first dive right into it. We're on the verge of one of the best times of the year - the kickoff of day drinking. And with that, as stated in my tweet above, comes the time to pull up the most fucci jerseys you have. 

Fucci - pronounced (fuck-e), Adjective

1. Showing the ability to be an idiot; to make other's shake their head with laughter

"Did you see that fucci jersey Johnson is wearing?"

"Yeah I like that dude, he's fucci."

With that being said there is a couple options when it comes to what jersey to bust out once the weather turns and drinks are being had. You can A.) pull out something real nice like the classic Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners joint, or B.) go deep into the closet to reveal the specialty you've been holding out for this exact moment because there really isn't any better time to wear it than when blacking out.

Let's take a look at some of the best ones: 

I'd lean MJ Wizards here big time. Wizards are one of the top 5 fucci teams on the Fucci File. Throw in it being MJ and everyone can have a good convo about the GOAT and probably how they wish they weren't making 'Space Jam 2'

Jimmer Kings is elite. Manziel is good, but it's such a given for a day party that has anything to do with getting fucked up that it's kind of like seeing a Space Jam or Fresh Prince jersey now. Unless it was a Montreal / XFL Manziel somehow then we're in business. 

Bonner. Wow. The look. The shooting form. That's a Fucci Famer. 

Fair point. But with a name and sock game like that, it's tough not to be.

Yup. Exactly. That's the key to fucci. Anytime it's someone in a uniform that makes people cringe when they see a picture of it automatically puts said jersey at the top of the Fucci File. Think Jerry Rice on the Seahawks, Shaq on the Celtics, T-Mac on the Spurs, etc. 

These are nice. Dual threat. Can wear both for a day party and just because they're dope ass jerseys. The star as the A for Orlando gets me every time. 

"Karim Abdul Jabbar (the RB)". Incredible.

Anything overseas is more than good-to-go. 

Number 69. Nice. Really only works if a husky fella is wearing it. Plus the built-in "wait like the UFC fighter / wrestler Brock Lesnar??? Didn't know he played in the NFL!?!". 

I wish there was a jersey spot where you could crossover athletes and sports easily. There has to be, right? Give me an Amos Zereoue Pirates jersey and I'd never take it off. 

Ohhhhhh yeah. The Suns are also a top 5 fucci jersey. Phenomenal. Throw it in with no undershirt, tucked in, AND wearing pants? Fucci Fool. 

Happy Day Drinking season to all.