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Jaylen Brown And Jayson Tatum Both Being All Stars Is The Best News I've Had In Weeks

Here I was, just doing a little Celts pregame Clubhouse (which I am sneaky becoming addicted to and very much appreciate everyone who joins), and there comes Shams with this bomb. I thought we had at least 30 more minutes until we would learn the fate of the two Jays. Deep down we all know they were both deserving but at the same time it makes total sense to not reward a .500 team with two All Stars. Well fuck me for ever thinking that because they both made it and I can't lie, it has me feeling like this right now

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Things are bad enough right now I think we can all have a minute and appreciate this special moment. At just 24 and 22, the two most important franchise cornerstone players have made the All Star team. For Tatum, it's his second. They could very well both make All NBA this year too. Hard to get better than that.

I'm really happy for Jaylen though. I feel like despite his consistent play, he always seems to play second fiddle. It would have really sucked if he got snubbed given the work he puts in and how he's developed over this career. Think of how different of a player he is now to when he first got starter minutes. They aren't even remotely the same player. For him to finally get the recognition after a possible snub last year makes me happy for him. I still think he's their most important player, and remember what making the All Star Game did for Tatum last year. What if we get a jump like that from Jaylen now that he can put this behind him? That would be very cool.

At the end of the day though, these individual accolades aren't what the goal is. Everyone knows that. Still pretty fucking great that both Jays made it. Something tells me we should be getting used to it.


Sneaky don't want Jaylen to play given his knee tendinitis. Doc is gonna play him 40 minutes.