Tiger Woods Has Been Involved In A Serious Single Car Accident In Los Angeles

Holy shit. Whispers started to trickle out out a few minutes ago that Tiger Woods was in an accident. We all held our breath and prayed that it was a typical celebrity hoax and we'd all move on with our days.

It's not a hoax. It's real. Now we wait to see what the situation is. Given the key words mixed into what few reports we have ("jaws of life", "major damage"), it all sounds bad. Very very bad. There will be a lot of speculation about what happened here, but the important thing is Tiger's well being right now. Now we just wait and hope and pray that Tiger Woods is okay.

UPDATE (2:45 PM): Car looks... not great. Tough to breathe right now...

UPDATE (2:50 PM): Statement from his agent Mark Steinberg says he's in surgery. Sounds awful of course but at least the words "life-threatening" or anything of the sort aren't being thrown around. Praying it stays that way.

UPDATE (3:10 PM ET): Aerial footage of the scene is starting to come out and looks terrifying. Seems fortunate no other cars were supposedly involved.

UPDATE (3:20 PM ET): The explicit phrase "not considered life-threatening" is relatively comforting to hear. 

UPDATE (4:30 PM ET): Golf Channel helped to provide a comprehensive status update including where he was headed this morning (a content shoot with celebrities in LA) and confirmation that the injuries are indeed not life threatening.

UPDATE (5:15 PM ET): Tiger was alert and responsive to officers at the scene of the accident. That is tremendous news to hear given the images of the wreck. Sounds like his legs are pretty mangled but things certainly look like they could be a lot worse. Let's fix the GOAT's legs!