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The City of Winnipeg Can't Get People to Stop Making Sexually Suggestive Snow Sculptures

The Winnipeg city government is having a pretty difficult time getting its citizens to stop making anatomically accurate snowpeople throughout the area. The City of Winnipeg Complaints Department — maybe the most Canadian institution to exist — is begging the Manitoba citizens to stop creating these works of art.

As someone who once spent about 18 hours in Winnipeg, this behavior is not surprising to me in the slightest. I was there pre-COVID when everything was normal and you were hard-pressed to find a single thing to do in that town back then. It's nothing but bone-chilling temperatures, piles of snow and one sports bar next to Bell MTS Place that has what we'll generously call a casino attached to it where I lost several hundred Canadian dollars playing roulette. There is almost literally nothing to do.

So now some people with some remarkable artistic ability find a way to have a little bit of a good time and showcase their sculpting skills and the fun police are out in full force. I think whoever is responsible for these works of art should actually receive some sort of public works commendation for taking snow that was otherwise a nuisance to the community and repurposing it into amusing pieces of art. But I suppose I am what many would consider forward-thinking.

Let the people have some damn fun when there are three feet of snow outside.