Do Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian Have The Most Romantic Relationship Of All Time?

"Of AlL TiMe" yea I know maybe it's an exaggeration. But look at this note from Kourtney to Travis. He posted it on his story. Is this not the most romantic thing you've ever seen?

It is, and that's a problem. Why do we want to rip each other apart? Why does romance = death? Because that's what it is. That's what we've been told forever by movies and TV. Relationships should be the best part of your entire life, and also for some reason they should bring you the same amount of pain as you would have, say...setting yourself on fire. If it's anything in between, we don't want it. You don't fight all the time? Your relationship is probably boring. You feel supported unconditionally by your significant other? They're probably over compensating because they're cheating on you. With every give, there's more "take" than you are probably capable of. But here, we have Travis and Kourtney embracing that. When I read this note, I see "We are going to fuck up each other's lives, most likely, but this love is worth it." SWOON.