The Beautiful Elina Svitolina Is Back On The Market After Ending Her Relationship With Fellow Tennis Player Gael Monfils

Rob Prange. Shutterstock Images.

Bear with me here, but we've got some sad news in the tennis world as probably the sport's favorite couple Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina have decided to part ways. Despite being top players, you'd frequently see them in each other's players boxes during matches. They were perfect together it seemed! Unfortunately, Gael's level of play has significantly decreased over the last 2 years and I'm guessing he's going to try and do what he can to rejuvenate the tale end of his career. For now that means putting this relationship on pause. 

As of two weeks ago Elina wrote Gael a nice message following the end of one of her matches. This hurts to see now. Sad :(

Now why do I think you'll care about this blog? Right, sorry about that. The 26 year old Svitolina is in my opinion of the more underrated beautiful athletes in the world along with being one of the best women's tennis players in the world. Something about her I just love. Now she's back on the market. For those unaware, I introduce you to Ukrainian Elina Svitolina.