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Mets Owner, Philanthropist, And Hero To Millions Steve Cohen Is Back On Twitter

He is risen and he is inevitable! Yes it may sound weird to reference Jesus Christ and Thanos in the same sentence, but that's the kind of #RE2PECT I have for my savior/God Steven A. Cohen. A man who is as generous as he is rich and brilliant, which is clearly saying a lot. However I feel that it is justified considering in just the last two years he donated $50 million to the MoMA, gave a $275 million commitment to helping veterans and their families that are dealing with trauma, and serves on the board of trustees for the Robin Hood Foundation (no not that one, but the one that helps people in New York City battling poverty). Anybody who wants to call out Steve Cohen on this here blog better be putting up those type of numbers or come up with some fresh concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

The Twitter riff raff had their fun, shot off their misdirected anger at the biggest swinging dick they could find, and stopped being scumbags to innocent people online. Now we can get back to what's important on The Bird, which is talking about stupid shit like baseball and alternate uniforms coming back. There may be four storms worth of snow sitting in my yard right now. But for the first time in forever, the warmth of Spring has returned with Steve Cohen's beautiful account returning to the most toxic place on the Internet. Can't wait to see what he has in store for Opening Day and the playoffs.

I will end this blog with a quote from famed wordsmith Kenneth Powers for any and all of the haters that are still gonna hate: