Flyers Lock Up Jake Voracek For 8 More Years And My Man Is Getting Paid





Porkchops! You goofy ass bastard. Drinks are on Jachobe tonight because my man is getting PAID. And anyone who says this is an overpayment doesn’t know shit because Jake Voracek is an elite player in the National Hockey League and he’s just hitting his prime now. Top 5 in points last season and 2nd in assists. I know you can’t judge a guy based on one year but we’ve seen a steady progression in Jake’s game since coming to Philadelphia and last season was the breakout. We knew he had to be getting at least $7.5 million if that’s what that idiot Ryan O’Reilly is making in Buffalo. So relative to the market, $8.25 is exactly where Jake deserves to be. He’s earned every penny of that contract and having him locked up for 8 more playing along side of Captain Claude is a goddamn beautiful thing.

So now the Flyers have given Voracek a $4 million raise, they gave Coots a little less than a $3 million raise. Again, I think this all but guarantees that we won’t see Umberger, Lecavalier and (possibly maybe idk we’ll have to see) Brayden Schenn in the lineup after this season. I’ll tell you the one person in the world who is the most excited about having Jake in Philly for 8 more seasons.


My thoughts exactly. Now all we have to do is find a way for me to replace Johnny Hockey so me and Jake can recreate this epic picture.


How can you not love this guy?