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Trey Mancini Continued His Comeback From Cancer As He Took The Field With The Orioles On Monday

I usually dont pay attention to or care about the stories about players reporting to spring training and saying it's "the best they've ever felt" and "feeling 100%", but this is one I can finally get behind and believe. I wrote last week about Trey Mancini reporting to Spring Training before pitchers and catchers even reported an how awesome that was. Monday he had his first media appearance and we got to see 16 on the field taking grounders and taking hacks in the cage for the Orioles first full squad workout day. Literally a year ago he had stage III colon cancer in his body and had no idea. To make this full comeback and be on the field for the first day of spring training is amazing. 

This is the best thing you could have asked for to come out of Trey's mouth. He said he feels completely normal, healthy, and ready to go. What an emotional few days it must have been for Trey, the last time he saw some of these teammates was when he was speaking to them before he left for surgery, and now he's back on the field taking grounders with them. But this isn't the finish line for Trey, he mentioned in his media availability that the finish line for him is Opening Day. For him to be out on that field April 1st in Fenway, that will truly make this comeback complete. The ovation he's going to get when he comes down that orange carpet in Camden Yards on April 8th will be unreal. The park is going to sound like Delmon's double or Cal's 2131 game all over again and I can't wait. No one has worked harder than Trey over the past year, no one. For him to be nearing this milestone for him is just awesome. The second he walks out on that field he'll lock up the Comeback Player Of The Year, book it.