The 'World's Hottest Grandma' Reveals the Secrets to Her Eternal Youth

By now Gina Stewart, The World's Hottest Grandma, has become something of a Barstool regular. Part of our go-to content. The equivalent of what Jamie Lynn-Sigler was to magazines like Maxim or FHM back in the late 90s. Whether she was turning 50 last September, or announcing she was joining Only Fans or giving away subscriptions to her OnlyFans in order to save koalas in her native Australia, she's never more than a few weeks away from doing something unequivocally blogworthy. 

Today is no exception. When one of the world's most celebrated, admired and desirable older women gives the secret to eternal youth - a concept that has obsessed human kind since the days of the ancient Greeks, Norse myths, the Philosopher's Stone, every beauty product ever sold, right up to the entire cosmetic surgery industry - that's definitely worth our time and attention. 

Daily Star - People’s jaws always drop when Gina Stewart tells them she’s a granny. 

The age-defying model, who is known as the “world’s hottest gran”, looks much younger than her 50 years. 

And for her latest post, she turned back the clock even more by going back to school.

 The influencer wore a tartan mini skirt and sheer white shirt – and fans went wild for the post with more than 3,700 of them liking it. ...

Many also begged to learn the secrets behind Gina’s youthful looking appearance – and thankfully the star was on hand to tell us.

The model said focusing on your mental health is equally as important as working out and eating healthily.

She told the Daily Star: “I truly believe in the power of mind over matter.

“A good hack is having peace of mind, being aware of what stresses me and reducing that stress as much as possible.

“If I get overwhelmed or stressed I create a peaceful space within myself and re-charge."

Gina added: "I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking and reducing or eliminating negativity.”

To keep herself looking young, the glam gran goes walking regularly, drinks plenty of water and tries to stick to a healthy diet.

She said: “I live near the beach and love to go for barefoot beach walks daily. Ten thousand steps a day is important and helps me feel good mentally.

“I also always drink plenty of water and eat antioxidants. Blueberries are my go to fruit.”

And there you have it. Something that has eluded medical science through the ages. The thing that had Ponce de Leon journeying through all sorts of hardships halfway across the globe. That has inspired countless stories, elixers and herbal remedies. That has actually driven people mad. The search for beauty that would last forever all comes down to ... what, exactly? Peace of mind. Reducing stress. Positive thinking. Walks along the beach. Drinking lots of water. And eating blueberries. 

So after all that work, it turns out the key to immortality sounds exactly like a profile on the eHarmony seniors page. Aging isn't some irreversible,  molecular level biological function. It's just attitude. You just have to think right and eat blueberries. And you too can look like this when you've got grandkids. 

Well that sucks. That truly, truly sucks miles of ass. All this time I've been trying to keep my weight down, reduce carbs, eat yucky vegetables and hit the gym in order to fight back the ravages of time. And still I look like an unmade bed. Why? Because I've got too many negative thoughts in my head and not nearly enough barefoot walks on the beach under my feet. Here I've been, assuming bad genetics was the cause of my aging. Only to find out it's the fact I get so pissed off by the news, the state of Boston sports and how bad "The Hobbit" trilogy is. Dammit all. 

A cynic might say that Gina Stewart has gotten some other help, but I'm not buying it. It's her outlook, general positivity and consumption of water and anti-oxidants. So learn from her. It's already too late for me. But at least I have The World's Hottest Granny to give me something to feel good about as I wither and die.