In Honor Of Steve Irwin's Birthday Today, Lets Fall Down The Rabbit Hole Of Awesome Videos Of The Crocodile Hunter

Today is Steve Irwin's 59th birthday and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that there is no one on TV, except maybe Alex Trebek, as loved as Steve Irwin was. In the Animal World he was a giant. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I spent watching him rescue crocs, wrangle snakes, and care for so many other animals at the Australia Zoo. I'll never forget reading on that he had been killed that night, that may have been one of the first celebrity deaths that really shook me. He was a man who legit loved animals more than anything in the world, except his family. Now we get to see his daughter, Bindi, with her child on the way, his son Robert who is a spitting image of Steve, doing the same things he did that entertained us for so many years. Teaching people about wildlife and doing so in such an awesome way. You're lying to yourself if you've never yelled "CRIKEY" will doing something and impersonating him. The man was so universally loved by everyone who laid eyes on him.

The videos and pictures that pop up every now and then bring such a smile to my face because I can vividly remember sitting down watching these episodes and seeing these clips. I was huge into reptiles as a kid, and I still have 2 snakes now, shout out King and Snake Gyllenhall, and Steve was a huge reason why I loved animals. You'll never see a person show more enthusiasm for animals and wildlife than Steve. Love that his kids are still paving the way like he would have wanted. 

In honor of this legends birthday, lets watch him do what he did best, tangle with snakes and crocodiles. Happy birthday, Steve.