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The Trap Remix Of "It Was Agatha All Along" Is The Hardest Song Of 2021

Fuuuuuck that song slaps or bangs or whatever the kids say these days. I'm not just saying that because I am obsessed with everything WandaVision or that the original song is incredible, which are both extremely true. But even if that wasn't the case, it would be impossible to not catch second hand vibes from a guy going this hard.

I may be able to count the number of hip hop songs I've enjoyed over the last year on my hands, but if you didn't start bouncing while watching this dude get down to his own remixed masterpiece, you don't have a soul. And if you don't have a soul, you are Mephisto. Sorry, thems the rules. Don't feel bad however, because I have convinced myself that everything I come across on a daily basis is Mephisto despite barely knowing anything about him before diving back into Reddit for more WandaVision theories and memes while listening to all the different versions of this jam.

Once you are done listening to those, head down to the basement for what Robbie and I thought about Friday's WandaVision and what may happen over the next two episodes (three episodes if you believe that there is going to be a secret episode as I have chosen to do).