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This Random James Gandolfini Commercial Is The Most Inspirational Thing You'll See Today

HOW in God's name is this practically a never-before-seen video? That MafiaChronicles instagram account had never seen it, I've never seen it, and a bunch of people in the comments have never seen it. I truly need an explanation as to how I've been deprived of that until this very second. I could have EASILY wasted hours, maybe even days of my life, just rewatching that commercial & now I'll never get that lost time back. Either way- I'm ready to make up on the lost time because that video is nothing short of gold, Jerry. GOLD!

And there's no way around it that that was just inspirational as all hell right? When you think inspirational speakers you think Tony Robbins, You think Chris Gardner, and now you also happen to think of Tony Soprano! Tony says life is short...I say life is short! I've never felt more inclined to join a dance class, take a swimming class, or exercise than right this second. Brb as I go sign-up.

And obviously the burning question is what the hell product is this commercial for? Maybe something boring like insurance? Maybe something for older gentleman like Viagra? I have absolutely NO IDEA but I really need to find out. Either way...we are all blessed for having seen this commercial today. James Gandolfini will forever be the gift that keeps on giving. RIP.