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Start Your Week Off With The Roller Coaster Of Emotion Known As Steve Ballmer During Last Night's Unbelievable Clippers/Nets Game

I know I typically stick college basketball, but since the Celtics lost (again) I assume our NBA guy took the night off to write up 4,000 words on a blown lead to the Pelicans. A true shame that happened. But, I couldn't go another hour without seeing Steve Ballmer on the blog. He's the best. I say it all the time, but we need guys like in sports. Guy who show emotion, who actually like the sport and sure, they want to make a billion more dollars, but they live and die with each play. That's Steve Ballmer. The guy is an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Always has been, always will be. 

You know when parents will videotape their children on Christmas morning and the kids will get the exact present they wanted and go bananas on camera? This was the opposite. This was getting DreamCast instead of N64. This was your aunt who you never talked to giving you a Duke shirt instead of a Kentucky shirt. It's like watching Kawhi hit a bucket only to be called for a shitty offensive foul: 

Oh an offensive call with EIGHT SECONDS left. Did he extend his arm? A little bit, yeah. But Harden sold that shit and refs love nothing more in basketball than a player exaggerating for an offensive foul. Kawhi had a very Kawhi response after the game about it: 

We had Pat Bev annoying Harden: 

DeAndre Jordan even proved he's still alive and had a tip-in for the lead

No Durant, but Harden and Irving still showed up

This is what's scary about the Nets man. They are showing up and beating the best teams in the league. They might fuck around and look like they don't care against like the Pistons, but when they play teams they'll see late in the playoffs they are winning. Then again, I guess it helps when you have 3 of top 10ish talented players in the league. Always a good thing to have. 

I could watch Ballmer all game though. Any time there's a close game or a big game we need a camera on him at all times. The guy lives and dies with each play.