You Gotta See This Evil Villain Tree House Villa That Putin Has In Sochi

I will admit it...I am obsessed Putin's real estate portfolio. This is the 3rd time I have blogged about one of his homes in 2021 and we did a dogwalk ep about it too because he has a home worth A BILLION dollars

And then he has this little hunting lodge in the mountains worth about $800 million for when he wants to reconnect with nature

This one though, this one that was sent to me today is my favorite. THIS is an evil villain home if I have ever seen one

I couldn't find any interior photos of this house, but I can guarantee you that the elevator shaft is made completely out of gold, he pees off the top of the roof, and somewhere in there is an aquarium where he has hammerhead sharks with freakin laser beams attached to their heads. Hitler had the Eagle's nest in Germany and Putin has this resort in Sochi. A true Eagle's nest. A place where he probably catches birds nest, rips their wings off, throws their bodies off the balcony and then laughs as it plummets down to the ground. No telling how many dissidents he has chained up in those pillars. I am also somewhat convinced that this place is a transformer. Like if he ever felt like invading Poland he would press a button and this building would look like the Empire Strikes Back

It's good to be the world's richest and most powerful super villain, I guess. Not bad for a guy that claims to make $130K on his taxes.