Pitchers And Catchers ASMR Is The Perfect Way To Kick Off Spring Training

You hear that sound? That sweet, sweet sound? Music to my ears baby. Pitchers and catchers started reporting last week and position players started to report the last few days too, you know what that means? We get these awesome ASMR videos from the teams where all we can hear is the pop of the catchers mitt, the sound of the wood on the ball, it's the best. If it came down to me having the Crazy Frog ringtone or the pop of a catchers mitt I'm taking the catchers mitt every time. Not sure why the Orioles weren't playing music during the drills like they used to, but it made for a better video cuz you can hear the pop so much better. Like give me an hour of this to fall asleep to and let me call it a night. This ASMR is better than anything you can ever pay for from any other service. First we get these videos, then we get the intersquad scrimmage clips, then we get the Spring Training games, and then next thing you know we're at Opening Day. I can't wait. But until then just close your eyes and listen to these lovely sounds.