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This Leaked Video Of Chris Mack Shows Just How Adorable It Is To Watch A Little Brother Try And Talk Shit

This is the worst wrestling promo I've ever seen. Former NFL player Eric Wood and Chris Mack out here trying to act like they dominate Kentucky after precisely 1 win over the worst team in Kentucky history. Laughable. Even funnier is this video was leaked after Louisville lost by FORTY FIVE points at home to UNC. 45 points! This video is clearly from late December with the Fitzpatrick throw in the background. How do you let UNC score 99 points against you? They can't really shoot, they have the 55th best offense in the country. Not exactly some firepower here. But I'll be honest. It's good to see Chris Mack think he means something in this rivalry. Louisville is pretty pointless in this thing. They rarely win, their fans just assume every season is going to be a loss. So much so they have their own tier on how bad the loss is going to be each year. 

I get that we need to hate Louisville. It's been far too long since Rick Pitino actually cared about beating Calipari and Kentucky. But Chris Mack just seems so forced with this. Having Eric Wood start ranting about how Kenny Payne won all the games (factually incorrect) is just bizarre. It'd be like DX having Doink the Clown lead the suck it move. Speaking of Eric Wood, let's check on my favorite highlight of him: 

Goddamn does it feel good to hate again. I honestly missed it. It's also something we need more of in sports, especially college sports and even more especially when it comes to rivalry games. Kentucky/Louisville is built around hate. Louisville hates and I mean HATES that Kentucky is the state school. They hate people in Louisville even dare to wear blue. I'm going to enjoy the next 4 wins in a row and 11 out of the next 14 like history says Calipari will do. I'm also going to enjoy Cal's response. I need to be in the room with him when he watches this. 

I've been looking for a reason to get my blood flowing when it comes to Louisville again. They have just been another team Kentucky consistently beats and then cries about Kentucky. It was getting stale and old. But now? Oh that hate is rejuvenated. Fuck everyone from Louisville and anyone who cheers against Kentucky. It's time to embrace the hate in sports again.